May 21, 2024
    London, United Kingdom
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    We’re looking for a Europe Money Movement Group Product Manager to join our growing Europe & UK team in LondonBudapest or Tallinn. This role is a unique opportunity to have an impact on Wise’s mission, grow as a product leader and empower millions more people with instant, borderless money.

    Job Description

    About the role

    Your mission is to help Wise become the preferred choice of payments in Europe for people and businesses with international lives. You will be building and improving the money movement infrastructure for millions of customers who move money to and from Europe.

    In 2025 Europe is opening up to direct access to local payment systems. As our Group Product Manager for the Europe Money Movement teams,you’ll be at the forefront of figuring out how to extend the success of connecting directly to the UK’s and Hungary’s central payments infrastructures across the continent to deliver the best speed, price and transparency for our customers.

    Here's how you'll contribute:

    1. Convenience: Removing reasons why people and businesses need to use their banks to move their money. You will build integrations and partnerships that improve end to end speed of transfers and localise the money movement experience for European customers.
    2. Scalability: Build a scalable money movement platform that reduces onboarding and offboarding time for our partners and effort required to maintain partner integrations. This allows us to ensure continuity of services for our customers.
    3. Resilience: Ensure seamless money transfers by enhancing our infrastructure's resilience at scale.

    This role will give you the opportunity to:

    • Choose your path to impact. We believe people are most empowered when they can act autonomously. So rather than telling you what to do, you’ll work with your team to create a vision of your own. Of course, you can always gather feedback from smart, curious people across Wise but you’ll have the freedom to make your own calls while being accountable for your decisions.
    • Build money without borders in Europe. You will be building a product that helps millions of businesses and customers send and receive money from their friends, family and partners in Europe.
    • Learn how European payment infrastructure works. You will get a chance to hands on build integrations directly into European payment systems and develop an expertise on how money moves in Europe.
    • Be on the forefront of solving a complex technical challenge. Wise is probably the only company integrated into payment systems of so many countries around the world, and the number will keep on growing. Scaling this infrastructure is a problem very few, if anyone, have solved before. You will be at the forefront of this problem, allowing you to flex your creative muscles to solve global money movement for our customers once and for all. You would most likely end up setting best practices not just for Wise but the industry at large.
    • Leadership. Building up scalable money movement infrastructure needs a common vision for at least 3 teams. You’ll be expected to lead one of them directly and lead the Product Managers in the other two. You will start off as an individual contributor in one team, and throughout the course of the first 6-9 months start to lead the group of teams focused on money movement.

    About you

    Strong analytical skills

    • You have an intuitive understanding, foundation, and passion for mathematics and analytics in general
    • You have experience of making data-driven decisions in complex situations.
    • You are comfortable working with analysts and give them useful feedback on their analysis.
    • Plus: You are comfortable analysing large datasets to draw insights on their own without analyst support.
    • Plus: You are comfortable querying databases to pull data you need at speed yourselves. You are able to do this under pressure and with confidence.

    Technical skills

    • You are comfortable working with engineers and earning their trust.
    • You are able to regularly unblock engineers in their decisions and have confidence to suggest alternative solutions.
    • You understand how systems are built and be able to design basic systems themselves.
    • You have a decent understanding of the engineering development process and be able to spot when engineers need help and unblock them proactively.

    Structured thinking and communication

    • You are able to structure an ambiguous problem into clear actionable steps.
    • You proactively work in collaboration with the team - ops/banking/engineers etc to break down and structure problems rather than working in isolation.
    • You are comfortable solving problems in unstructured complex situations. You should be able to carve out a clear path in seemingly chaotic situations.
    • You are able to build relationships with people in the organisation both within and outside the squad to get support for their team.
    • You are able to inspire the organisation about their plans and vision.
    • You are able to create a positive working culture within their team - engg, banking, ops etc. You should make sure you incorporate valid feedback and ideas of their team instead of unilaterally making decisions for them. The team should feel inspired to work with them.
    • Plus: If you have experience working and negotiating with external partners.

    Entrepreneurial/ Hustler

    • You have a track record of getting things done.
    • You feel comfortable taking on complex projects requiring support from different teams and functions and getting them to the finish line.
    • You are able to navigate the organisation and find creative ways to unblock themselves and their team.
    • In case of limited resources, you instinctively jump hands on into whatever task the team needs their help with. (e.g. when you don’t have a designer, you open Figma yourself).
    • You do not get boxed into existing assumptions about problems you are solving, team structures and situations and feel comfortable challenging them to drive impact.


    • You have grown, led, inspired, inspired at least two senior level product managers.
    • You have a proven track record of exceptional leadership, with a focus on building and nurturing high-performing teams.
    • You can inspire and motivate team members, leading by example to drive towards excellence.
    • You are skilled in conflict resolution and fostering collaborative environments, ensuring team cohesion and productivity.
    • You have the ability to make decisive choices under pressure, effectively balancing immediate needs with long-term objectives.
    • You are committed to mentorship, focusing on the professional growth and development of your team members.
    Additional Information

    For everyone, everywhere. We're people building money without borders  — without judgement or prejudice, too. We believe teams are strongest when they are diverse, equitable and inclusive.

    We’re proud to have a truly international team, and we celebrate our differences.

    Every Wiser should feel that they can be themselves at work.Inclusive teams help us live our values and make sure every Wiser feels respected, empowered to share their contributions towards mission zero and able to progress in their careers.

    Having diverse teams that reflect our diverse customer base helps us build a better product. We can be more creative and empathetic to our customer’s needs and make sure we leave no-one behind on our journey to mission-zero.

    For everyone, everywhere. We're people building money without borders  — without judgement or prejudice, too. We believe teams are strongest when they are diverse, equitable and inclusive.

    We're proud to have a truly international team, and we celebrate our differences.
    Inclusive teams help us live our values and make sure every Wiser feels respected, empowered to contribute towards our mission and able to progress in their careers.

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